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We at MAGMA believe, that when it comes to the needs of DJs and their equipment, there are no better advisers than the DJs themselves.

That’s why we're constantly communicating with some of the busiest, most skilled, most traveled DJs worldwide to learn first hand (or in this case: hands) how to improve every time we design a new product. We even have a couple of DJs working at MAGMA ourselves. You’ll meet them at music fairs all around the world. So please, come visit us there.



But how did it all get started? Well, basically MAGMA is what happens when you combine German nerdism for archiving and storage with a passion for innovative materials and an international love for music. In persona: Christoph Winkelmann founded the company Geckwin and the brand MAGMA in 1999 to make archiving and media storage solutions more friendly for the individual user.


Our large product portfolio consists of flight cases, soft cases, bags, trolleys and equipment stands. Basically everything a professional or semi professional DJ could ask for when it comes to transporting DJ-controllers, mixers, CD-players, production gear and, of course, 12“ and 7“ vinyl.

Today we are known to be among the first in the market to release transport solutions that fit like a glove to any new model of equipment. 
That's just one reason why we're a trusted partner of internationally known artists like Dubfire, DJ Brace, Luciano, Eskei83 and many more.



Since 2000 MAGMA runs its own manufacturing factory in Asia and has central stores in Asia and Germany. This means that MAGMA can react faster to the requirements of the market and DJs individual needs.

Check our portfolio to see how we create outstanding products with unique features, cutting-edge materials and time-honored knowhow.  It’s a knowhow that results in innovative concepts and individual designs. What sets us apart from the competition is our expertise in engineering and manufacturing assets that you can see and feel in each of our products. 
This has made us the market leader in Europe and many other countries.



Also, more and more OEM and ODM Partners trust in our experience as a manufacturer and in MAGMA quality. We develop and produce all kinds of supplies for renowned hardware manufacturers, artists and events for the professional music industry. 
Under our OEM section you can find a selection of custom-made products that we have produced for a large number of companies in our market.



So whenever you are looking for the best quality, best service and high customer satisfaction, you know who to call… or mail… or, like we said, visit us at our stand on music fairs worldwide…

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