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Dusty Donuts Crew

45 SANDWICH "Dusty Donuts" EDITION


Dusty Donuts, a 45s-only label and DJ collective, founded in 2014 by Marc Hype, Runex, Naughty NMX, and Jim Sharp, draws inspiration from iconic 7" vinyl events like Mobile Mondays and The 45 Sessions. Originating in Berlin with parties in 2013, the label has since expanded to include talents like DJ Suspect, Jim Dunloop, DJ Robert Smith, Stinoe, and DJ Goce.

With 20 7" vinyl releases they blend hip hop, funk, and soul, while collaborating with brands like Magma and Cazal Eyewear. During the pandemic, they shifted to Twitch, hosting shows like Wednesdays on Wax and Needle Drops, and successfully taking The 45s Show globally. Celebrated for their innovative fusion of old and new, Dusty Donuts remains a revered name in the independent 45s scene, cherished by hip-hop enthusiasts and DJs worldwide.




Funkfreaks, aka That Funk Gang, globally represents California's underground lifestyle. Rooted in rare 80s records, lowriders, tattoos, graffiti and West Coast influences, they're pioneers of street funk. 

With chapters worldwide, Funkfreaks unites collectors and musicians, dedicated to preserving the funk legacy. Beyond DJs and collectors, it's a cultural movement centered on music, aesthetics, and community, all driven by the mantra: "Keep the funk alive."

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