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    Bag & Gear Guide Aira DJ-707M Aira DJ-505 Aira DJ-202 Aira DJ-808 Aira TR-8 Aira System 1 Aira TB-3 Aira VT-3 Aira MX-1 TR-909 TR-808 TR-707 TT-99 Boutique JP-08 Boutique JX-0 Boutique JU-06 Boutique A-01 Boutique TB-03 Boutique TR-08 Boutique TR-09 Boutique VP-03 MC-707 MC-101

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    ctrl CASES Lightweight, Compact, Protective. The ultimate hand-carry cases for DJ and production gear. With a durable Durashock molded EVA shell and protective foam interior, CTRL CASES are the popular transport solution for DJs and production professionals on the move. NEW ctrl case opus quad ctrl case ddj-rev5 NEW ctrl case xdj-xz ctrl case xdJ-rx3/rx2 ctrl case xxl plus ii (ddj-flx10/DDJ-FLX6 ) ctrl case ddJ-rev7 ctrl case ddJ-rev1 ctrl case ddJ-sb2/rb (ddj-flx4/DDJ-400 ) ctrl case xl plus (ddj-sr2) ctrl case dJm-v10/djm -a9 ctrl case cdJ/mixer II (cdj-3000/djm-900) ctrl case seventy-two (djm-s11) ctrl case djm-s9 ( djm-s7) NEW ctrl case four ctrl case one ctrl case twelve ctrl case seventy-two ctrl case cdJ/mixer II ( MP 2015/sixty-four) ctrl case djm-s9 ( sixty-two) ctrl case xxl plus ii (sc live 2 ) ctrl case xdJ-rx3/rx2 ( sc live 4) ctrl case prime 4 ctrl case prime go ctrl case cdJ/mixer II (lc 6 000/ sc5000M) ctrl case sp404/mk2 ctrl case sp 404 ctrl case boutique dock ctrl case boutique key ctrl case mc-101 ctrl case mc-707 ctrl case MPC x ctrl case MPC live II ctrl case Mpc one ctrl case force ctrl case mpk mini ctrl case djm-s9 (Kontrol z2 ) ctrl case s2 mk3 ctrl case Maschine ctrl case xl plus (Kontrol s4 mk3) ctrl casE td-3 ctrl case rd-8 NEW ctrl case push 3 ctrl case push 2 ctrl case xxl ii ​ (NS6 ) ctrl case xl plus (Mixstream/mc-4000) ctrl case Dashboard ctrl case rodecaster pro ctrl case wolfmix ctrl case phase II ctrl case cdJ/mixer II (Allen & Heath px5/db4 ) ctrl case xl plus (hercules in puls 500 ) ctrl case xxl plus ii (hercules inp uls t7 ) ctrl case sp404/mk2 (SoundSwitch control one )


    RIOT CARRY-ON TROLLEY RIOT CARRY-ON TROLLEY ​ Get to your destination in style and comfort with the Magma Riot Carry-On Trolley. Specially designed to meet international carry-on restrictions, the Riot Carry-On Trolley is the perfect companion for air travel. Featuring only the highest-grade materials, the Riot Carry-On Trolley provides smooth rolling precision inline wheels and solid construction to protect your valuable gear. It easily holds any battle or club mixer to 12”, or a mid-sized controller along with a laptop, records and accessories. FITS BASICS SPECS Outer dimensions (H/B/T): 55 x 37 x 23 cm Inner dimensions: 45 x 34 x 16 cm (Hauptfach) Weight: 4,4 kg Color: black/red Item-No.: 47885 EAN: 4041212478856 1/1

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