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SKU: 41017

One size fits all! The new Multi-Format Battle-Workstation is a protective and flexible solution for the touring DJ that needs to transport a 10’’ battle-mixer along with two turntables or the new Rane Twelve players. The practical multi-format design includes several foam strips to accommodate various 10’’ battle-mixer and turntable models from Pioneer, Rane, Technics etc. Thanks to its removable front panel covers, the useful cable access ports and the extra wide gliding laptop platform, the workstation is ready for action in no time at all as the equipment does need not to be removed from the case anymore. Crafted from 9 mm vinyl laminated plywood, sturdy aluminum profiles, heavy duty butterfly latches and smooth rolling wheels, this case provides ultimate protection for mobile use on the road.

Farbe: black
  • Turntables:

    • Technics 1200/1210 G
    • Technics 1200/1210 GR
    • Technics 1200/1210 MK2
    • Rane Twelve
    • Rane Twelve MK2
    • Audio Technica LP120-USB
    • Audio Technica LP1240-USB
    • American Audio Power Drive 2
    • DJ-Tech SL-1300MK6
    • Denon VL12
    • Epsilon DJT-1300
    • Mixars STA
    • Numark TTX
    • Numark CDX
    • Pioneer PLX-CRSS12
    • Pioneer PLX-1000
    • Pioneer PLX-500
    • Reloop RP-8000
    • Reloop RP-7000
    • Reloop RP-6000
    • Reloop RP-4000
    • Reloop RP-2000
    • Roland TT-99
    • Stanton ST-150
    • Vestax PDX 3000


    • NI Kontrol Z2
    • Mixars Duo
    • Pioneer DJM-S11
    • Pioneer DJM-S7
    • Pioneer DJM-S9
    • Pioneer DJM-909
    • Pioneer DJM-707
    • Rane Seventy-Two
    • Rane Sixty-Two
    • Rane Sixty-One
    • Rane TTM57 MK2
    • Rane TTM57 SL
    • Rane TTM-56
    • Rane MP-2014
    • Reloop Cut
    • Reloop Elite
    • Thud Rumple TRX
    • Vestax PMC-07
    • Vestax PMC-05
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